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FastTrack FT4Web is a complete package of 25-years of quality data,  daily updates, charts, allocation strategies, timing tools, free support

Open-end, Closed-end, ETFs funds, and stocks.

Professionals use FT4Web for aggressive, moderate, and conservative portfolios featuring both  diversified allocation and timing strategies

Reduce Risk and
Increase Return.

FastTrack delivers 200 million+ data points via local database export or REST server. Local and Web APIs have the same interface.

On Demand

Create and define your own original ideas with charts, spreadsheet, and graphics,  using creditable, easy-access dividend-adjusted prices.

Mind Expansion included at No Extra Charge


Take a spin with FastTrack FT4Web

Put your hands on the wheel!  FT4Web's daily analysis  tells where you are going,  where you've been, the shortest route to your destination, and to make fine, periodic adjustments.

FastTrack data has been  meticulously gathered and maintained since 1988.  Poor data is creates investing potholes and detours. FastTrack data  includes not only closing prices but also dividends. Used together, FT4web calculates true total return by reinvesting distributions into additional shares. FT4Web analysis is done using true total returns.

First step. Learn to Drive

At your age, you're ready for an investment vehicle like FT4Web

  • Call 866-295-0166 x 1 to get your FT4Web learner's permit.
  • Get install FastTrack on your computer.
  • Sign up for free FastTrack Investing lessons. The lesson starts with the question. Where do you want to go?
  • FastTrack will give you the power and freedom to take your investments  wherever the destination.

Inside FT4Web

  • You get to drive before you buy.
  • FT4Web embodies the best ideas of thousands of seasoned investors. bIt smells good.
  • It has a big engine. FT4Web includes hundreds of millions of data points. Yet they are all under your control.
  • It's under warranty. No, we can't guarantee that you will never get lost, but if your FT4Web breaks along the way, we will fix no charge.
  • Girl's like it . . . but enough. It time for you to call us 866-295-0166.

Here's what the financial press says about FT.

Here's what real investors (using their names publicly) have to say

Is FastTrack easy to use?

Yes . . . but like learning to drive your car, it helps to have an instructor in the passenger seat before you pull out. You will get better quickly with practice.

Do I have to be a software mechanic or financial genius?

No, Call us at 866-295-0166 x 2. You may speak to a Registered Investment Adviser or a computer technician. We cannot give you personal investment advice, but we can show you how you can use FT4Web pursue the goals you set for yourself.

Is FastTrack expensive?

If you are managing a six-figure portfolio or more, FastTrack should pay for itself in the first month. See the price list.