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FastTrack June 13th  2018 9:45 AM Central

Windows updates in the past week have caused problems on my  in house Windows 10 system by hiding folders, files, and icons. I have also have lost  the ability to use the FT4Web Export Tab failing with a "file not found" message. A single FT user has also reported the problem. None our our Amazon servers or other in house machines have been affected.

We are working to resolve this issue. It has nothing to do with FastTrack data or program changes. This is a Windows caused problem. More later. -Paul

FastTrack June 11th  2018 1045 AM Central

Fidelity pre-announced split several funds last week. However, they have not yet performed the splits. We removed the splits from the FT Databases in the morning process which became available about 10:00AM. Please do an Integrity Check to fix your database. 

We believe Fidelity still intends to perform the splits, but we do not know when. We will likely have another downside discontinuity when they do the split. We do not know why Fidelity has developed this reporting problem (see our May 14th comment below), but we are working with them.

FastTrack June 7,  2018 1045 AM Central

We want to thank Kathy of Jim Stack's organization for reporting missing stock dividends yesterday. In midMay, programming had upgraded our server, and while no errors were reported, things weren't right. The production side of our house was not told about the change and subsequently did no checking. Tech support took Kathy's call and reported the problem to both sides. Last night we posted the missing stock dividends.

We have tried hard through the years to listen to what our customers report. FastTrack  is the product of thousands of smart investors and sharp eyed proof readers. We appreciate your help.

Paul Charbonnet, Founding Partner

FastTrack May 14th  2018 1045 AM Central

Fidelity split several funds over the weekend. They have yet to privately or publicly post the splits creating disastrous paper losses in Fidelity's own accounts and huge losses in FastTrack fund data. We have not yet posted estimated corrections as Fidelity has been pretty good in the past and we do not want to ourselves with doubled  dividends this evening.

FastTrack April 30, 2018 8:45 PM Central

This evening about 1,000 open end mutual funds missed their NASDAQ deadline for price submission. About 7:30 PM Central, we noted the high missing counts, but sent out the suspect results after a recollection failed to obtain the data. We retried the collection several times and finally got many of the missing prices about 8:30 PM Central time. We suspect that problems in Canadian markets Friday caused problems today as well, but none have been reported through regular channels.

If you updated FastTrack earlier this evening, an FTComm Integrity Check will fix the missing prices. 

We regret the problems and will seek an answer tomorrow from NASDAQ.

FastTrack April 27, 2018 8:05 PM Central

For the past week the US Treasury rates reported in FT have been flat. The Treasury changed the format of their data feed, but we missed their posted notices of the change. Today, we hand entered the week's missing information for


However, tonight is flat (too late to hand enter). We will continue posting a day late until we can revise our collection program, hopefully within the week. We appreciate your patience.

On the positive side. Intercontinental Exchange's IDC division has completed the update of their server facilities taking 20-30 minutes off of our evening collection time.  We hope to be able to come up as early as 7:30PM (the original post erroneously listed Central time) Eastern, and no later than 7:45 PM. In fact the new speed has caused some minor synchronization problems at our end since some data collections are completing before the expected time.

FastTrack April 9, 2018 8:42PM Central

We made a lot of changes to Stock1 and Stocks2. Use FTComm to do an Integrity Check if your prices look funny or are missing.

FastTrack April 6, 2018 8:30PM Central

The exchange downloads are are stunningly slow tonight. We are at the office monitoring progress. We will not be up by 8PM.

8:15 We are up. We appreciate your patience.

FastTrack  March  22, 2018 8:15PM Central

We left a program running on the server which slowed the evening update. This was our mistake. Please accept our apology for this evening's delay.

FastTrack  February  26, 2018 8:00PM Central

We are experiencing a problem completing the update. . . .more later . . . cause unknown at this time.

8:26PM We are up. The problem was a hand disk cleanup of our server that deleted a vestigial folder . . . a folder that formerly had a use, but the evening data collection process had evolved to no longer need the folder . . . nonetheless a late step in the evening process was still expecting the folder to exist even though the content was unneeded. We will revise the program.

FastTrack  January  30, 2018 8:00PM

We are experiencing problems with the extreme changes in the DJ-30. The evening update can make max change from the prior day of $327.67. Today DJ-30 changed by more than $1,000. This is a bug. We will review.

An Integrity Check corrects the problem immediately. Tomorrow's morning update and any future update corrects the problem automatically. We are reviewing the evening update code. Doing an Integrity Check instead of an update will take  longer to complete, but the data is updated correctly for all issues.

FastTrack  January  30, 2018 8:00PM

At the office tonight monitoring. There were a few more than normal missing prices, no where near as bad as last night. Our NASDAQ open-end fund prices took about 15 minutes longer than normal. We should be up about 8:05PM instead of the normal 7:50PM.

FastTrack  January  30, 2018 5:00PM

Last night BlackRock, Manning, Napier, PNC, and Gabelli funds failed to report prices. We have worked them by hand today, but did not get done. Additional corrections to 1/29/2018 prices will be posted tomorrow.

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