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FastTrack April 26, 2017 8:10PM Central

Our connection to our data provider failed. Alarms went off at a few minutes ago.  We expect to have the download available at 8:20PM Central tonight.

FastTrack April 19, 2017 3:15PM Central

The "morning" process is complete and dividend integrity is restored. The problem resulted from changes at our primary source, Interactive Data. We wish nothing would ever change, but that could become boring. Our goal is to insulate FastTrackers from such logical and operational changes that might require FastTrackers to change their normal use of the products. We appreciate your patience.

9:25AM We have a dividend problem. Many fund/ETF dividends previously posted are missing. We will post corrections later today. We are still reviewing the cause and fix.

FastTrack April 12, 2017 9:25AM Central

11:23AM - The MLPs have been added. Try FTComm 's Integrity Check to get the database fixes including a new ALL-S family.

We refreshed the stocks databases last night inadvertently leaving out the MLP stocks. We will upgrade the databases in this morning's run and get the MLPs back in.

For the last week we have been our collecting evening data from our provider, IDC, using a retry algorithm along with a timeout algorithm. The process is taking a few minute longer, but not hanging. Updates previously became available between 7:30PM and 7:40PM Central. Now updates have been running closer to 7:40PM, but there have been (for a week) with no hangs which were delaying the process for an hour or more.

FastTrack April 5, 2017 8:25PM Central

Our connection to our data provider failed. Alarms went off at a few minutes ago.  We expect to have the download available at 8:47PM Central tonight.

FastTrack April4, 2017  9:05PM Central

Our connection to our data provider failed. Alarms went off at a few minutes ago. We had extended  the timeouts to to relieve the timeout failures, but all that seems to have done tonight is to cause our alarms to go off later. We expect to have the download available at 9:20PM Central tonight.

We regret these problems, and appreciate your patience.

FastTrack March 20, 2017  8:30PM Central

I'd like to blame the delay on someone else. We should be up by 8:50PM. I was working on files that should have been ready at 6:45PM. My activity caused the evening process to fail. The late work was for the purpose of testing a solution for the very delay that I caused tonight.

Please accept my apology. I can do better. -Paul Charbonnet

FastTrack March14, 2017  8:00PM Central

Our connection to our data provider failed. Alarms went off at a few minutes ago. We manually rebooted and restarted the process. It is running now. We expect to have the download at 8:20PM Central tonight.

FastTrack February 21, 2017  8:00PM Central

Our connection to our data provider failed. Alarms went off at a few minutes ago. We manually rebooted and restarted the process. It is running now. We expect to have the download at 8:20PM Central tonight.

FastTrack February 6, 2017  8:10PM Central

We are up. No apparent problem. The server hung mid process. We restarted uneventfully

7:50pm We are rerunning the evening update. We expect to be up by 8:20PM Central. More later.

FastTrack January 17, 2017  7:50 Central

Data is available!

7:26PM We are running late. Expect to be up by 8:00PM. More later

FastTrack January 11, 2017

We did get a batch of about 100 dividends in the second run. It will require and Integrity check to download these tonight. Affects funds and ETF data only.

The problem affected our process reporting, but did not delay the evening update. We have been up since 7:35PM which is normal. False Alarm.

The problem is found and easily fixed. Should be up by 8:30PM.

We failed to produce an update this evening. We are examining. Update will be delayed. Best estimate 8:30-9:00PM.

FastTrack January 6, 2017 at 6:42PM Central

We are adding about 400 distributions tonight. An Integrity Check might be helpful tonight ensuring that you see all of corrections/additions. We should now have the great majority of missing dividends that our subscribers have have emailed to data@fasttrack.net. Our customers are our greatest resource. Over the years, thousands of savvy's investors have made FastTrack what it is today.. .and there is yet, plenty of room for improvement.

Thank you! Happy New Year! We couldn't do it without you.
Paul and Shirley Charbonnet, Founding Partners

FastTrack January 5, 2017 at 7:10PM Central

We are adding 1187 distributions this evening. An Integrity Check might be helpful. We had a 36-hour hiatus on adding dividends which we worked from fund company sources. While we continue to depend on our long-time data sources, primarily, InterContinental Exchange (ICE), it is apparent that much of the former US dividend collection work has been shifted to India. While we make email requests of US Managers, the replies all arrive overnight with Indian peoples names attached.

I believe this will all get straightened out. Both the purchase of IDC by the more international ICE and the Indian labor follow the themes offered by the President-elect. There has beed substantial turnover at IDC in Boston in the past year.

FastTrack January 1, 2017 at 7:35AM Central

Happy New Year! So here we are on New Year's Day suffering over a FastTrackers emails regarding delays in FastTrack  dividends.

Here is what Morningstar [not FastTrack] says this morning, edited for clarity and brevity.

"Due to our  year end update process [from] 2:00 am CST, January 1 to 4:00 am CST . . . saved columns sets and search criteria containing Annual Returns may not have correct column headers [nor] correct results . . .

The display of the data may be off by one year. . .This will impact the display of annual returns back to 2004. During this window of time you may also see incomplete data populate ..until production is complete . .  . Kind Regards, Morningstar Office Team

FastTrack and Morningstar use some of the same institutional data services, and all of us (FastTrack, MStar, and other services) are subject to NASDAQ contractual changes regarding the distribution of mutual fund and stock data. These changes may be at the root of the end-of-year problems.  It is my New Year's hope and prayer that our 22 pages of NASDAQ contracts and 100 pages of rules regarding distribution of market prices will be reduced and that our new US President's government shrinkage efforts will apply to the SEC regulations which underlie the NASDAQ rules. We are expecting a significant increase in expenses this year.

Information on these new costs is currently sparse and only recently released. We learned only on December 2, 2016 from a 3rd party, not via communication directly from NASDAQ. We hope that these costs will not apply to our services.

FastTrack December 27, 2016 7:30PM Central

9:00PM- We are going with the morning's dividends, and will work on the troublesome additions from today at work tomorrow. The bigger problem is pushing ourselves too hard. We will just have to run behind for a few days more.

Data should be up at 9:30PM

8:30PM - Data should be ready by 9:00PM

We are rerunning the dividend processing step. Data should be available before 8:30PM Central.

FastTrack December 27, 2016 9:30AM Central

The morning rerun is complete and 30 minutes of checking email reports showed most all reported are fixed except that some issues are yet to provide their end of year distributions.

FastTrack December 26, 2016 7:00PM Central

Paul says- This will have to wait for the morning update tomorrow which we will  have done early.

FastTrack December 26, 2016 6:50PM Central

We have revised some incorrect historical distributions and downloaded a number of new distributions. These will be ready to download about 7:15 PM this evening. Use the FTComm Integrity Check. There are no new prices as the US markets were closed.

FastTrack December 21, 2016 6:50AM Central

It appears that ETFs and most Closed-end funds are missing dividends. This will be fixed in the morning update which will complete about 8:00AM Central.

FastTrack December 20, 2016 9:20PM

Fixed it. It will take an FtComm Integrity check at your end to fix the divs this evening. It was a similar problem last night with a different cause. The dividend collection software runs fine on newly collected divs but fails on  some rare historical div errors (i.e. not recent) which were presumed to be correct.

7:45PM Again . . . .

Well, I got us into a fine pickle. The update out at this moment deletes all your dividends in the funds databases. I know exactly what did it, and I know how to fix it.  An Integrity Check should fix your database after 9:50PM Central this evening.

FastTrack December 19, 2016 8:20PM revised

Dividends are restored with an Integrity check. We have been working hard to integrate our data with an additional source of distributions. Everyday gets better.

Well, I got us into a fine pickle. The update out at this moment deletes all your dividends in the funds databases. I know exactly what did it, and I know how to fix it. And this time  . . . I will not skip the test step. An Integrity Check should fix your database after 9:50PM revised this evening.

Paul Charbonnet . . . very embarrassed

FastTrack December 19, 2016 8:30AM

We added a lot of dividends that we collected over the weekend. Use FTComm to do an Integrity Check.

FastTrack December 14, 2016 9:00AM

The problems of the 12th have been corrected. New distributions available as of this morning are in the database. Use FTComm to do an Integrity Check to ensure that you have the latest. We appreciate your patience while we cleared the backlog.

Those who have emailed us about dividends problems will be receiving replies today. After an Integrity Check, if you believe that we still have errors and omissions, please send an email to data@fasttrack.net. You are our best source of information. There may be 100 bad dividends due to a systematic problem, but all you have to do is to report ONE and the problem will end up fixed for all.

We have about 2 million dividend records on file, half of which are  revisions by the Fund Companies. Within the funds databases on your computer there are about 1 million distributions, the net of all the revisions.

We appreciate your patience.

FastTrack December 12, 2016 9:30AM

The dividends were messed up. We restored backups and have reprocessed data correctly. Please do not call or email us about problems until after you do an integrity check.

I take personal responsibility for the problem. It was my code that failed.

Paul Charbonnet, Founding Partner.

FastTrack December 10, 2016

Seasons Greeting! It's dividend season! We are running behind posting distributions. We get many from Intercontinental Exchange, but many others have to be hand entered and/or computed manually. The entire staff is involved in this process working extra hours and weekends to keep up.

As always, the squeaking wheel gets oiled first. We check emails to data@fasttrack.net Monday-Friday in the morning and attempt to correct any errors that you report. Your email will be acknowledged by a person who will be starting the check process. Usually, we can get corrections on the same day. Fund mergers, name changes, and management changes often take place during this period as well. These sometimes take several days to correct.

NASDAQ price Increases

We appreciate your long patronage. In 2017, NASDAQ who distributes fund prices, will make significant changes to their pricing (for all data redistributors) and rules.

It is FastTrack's intention to be remain compliant. However, we received notice of these price changes and associated contract and policy changes only on 12/02/2016. If you have an educated opinion regarding these rules changes and fees, we would be happy to discuss the matter with you. 866-295-0166 x 2. Most FastTrackers do not redistribute prices to the extent that they need to worry.

You should expect your FastTrack services to continue uninterrupted. We have noticed "New page Beta" changes on the Morningstar site, and changes on the Fidelity Investment site. Whether these sites (and many others) will continue to carry same day fund pricing is unknown.

FastTrack November 25, 2016

We will be open for technical support until 9:00AM to noon Central today, Friday after Thanksgiving.

FastTrack November 7, 2016  9:15M Central

There is a delay.  Expect data no later than 9:20PM. We apologize for the delay. We are not sure of the cause. We rebooted the server and restarted.

FastTrack October 4, 2016  9:15M Central

There is a delay. We put a new server up last night, and all was well . . . but not tonight. We are rerunning the process. Expect data no later than 9:20PM. We apologize for the delay.

FastTrack August 25, 2016  10:00AM Central

10 Days in flooded purgatory: FastTrack data operations are normal. Technical support is slow to respond. Account sales and renewals are operating normally.

We are hoping to have everyone back on the job at least 1/2 time next week. Many more homes were flooded in Baton Rouge than in New Orleans during Katrina in 2005. However, the flood receded in 48 hours and victims could wade out.

FastTrack August 15, 2016  10:00AM Central

FastTrack is open for business. Updates are available normally. Phone communication for support and sales is patchy. Why? Over the weekend we received 24 inches of rain. Half our staff has flooded homes. The FastTrack Office has 4-5 feet of water.

No problem! Our servers are at Amazon in Virginia and operate somewhat autonomously. We are also flooded with calls from well wishers, government agencies, and well as support and sales. The next several weeks will be difficult, but manageable. We appreciate your patience. Please do not hesitate to call us if you are unable to use FastTrack, we may take longer to return the calls.

Paul Charbonnet

FastTrack June 23, 2016 10:00AM Central

Reran the evening process. No specific problems except that we violated normal procedure. Restarted out of an abundance of caution. Should be available at 8:15PM Central. We regret the delay. It was our fault and unnecessary.

FastTrack June 16, 2016 10:00AM Central

The corrections were hand entered for both Wells Fargo and PIMCO. If you still see a flat price for June 15th, excluding a few low volatility bond funds, please use FTComm to do an Integrity Check.

Last night and this morning PIMCO and some Wells Fargo funds did not transmit their closing prices to NASDAQ for distribution. We are working on the missing prices and will post revisions in tonight's download, or likely by 2:00PM today via FTComm Integrity Check. This NOT a problem caused at our end.

FastTrack June 6, 2016 2:00PM

Everything takes longer than expected. The dividends are up to date as of right now. Do an FTComm Integrity Check. The dividends should also be downloaded automatically tonight with this evening's update. We regret the inconvenience. The changes (and improvements) are permanent. Changes in the reporting of dividends (by the exchanges and other sources) should make the quality of our data even better.

FastTrack June 3, 2016 4:00PM

We will be NOT open tomorrow, Friday, and will be working through the weekend on our new dividend process testing. We regret the inconvenience. We are working long hours to get this done.

The morning and evening updates will be ready at their usual times.

 FastTrack June 1, 2016

This morning  we discovered that we got no closing prices for about 1,000 of our funds. We are unsure of the cause. The prices have been collected this morning. Do and FTComm Integrity check to fix the problem.

Separately, we are running behind on dividends since mid-May. We have added a new dividend source and are having problems mixing new and old. For the past week we've been saying "Today for sure!". So  . . . Tonight, for sure! (:-}

FastTrack May24, 2016 4:00PM

There has been a problem with the GROWTH and other objective families most of this last month. On of the sources we reference changed formats and we did not recognize that it was causing us problems. This evening after 7:30PM Central and FTComm Integrity check should get you new families files dated today. See our comment below dated March 28,2016. We'd recommend using that procedure to clean out the old families and to refresh the new.

We are also working on a revised dividend and are behind on our dividends. This should get corrected by month end.

FastTrack May 12, 2016 9:10PM

We have been having problems with the FT4Web SharesOutstanding and MarketCap spreadsheet columns not appearing properly. We have made various fixes which in themselves caused other problems. All is now fixed. An Integrity Check should get you the two columns of correct data.

There has been a change in funds. Now every class of the same fund reports the total market cap (fund amount of assets) for all classes. Figures for both SharesOutstanding and MarketCap are in millions. Values less than 1 million will report as 0.00.  Values of -999999 indicate that the information was unavailable

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the feedback from FastTrackers who brought these problems to our attention. Please call again if you still see problems.

FastTrack April 11, 2016 8:10PM

A rare failure occurred during this evening's process. We reran the process. Data should be up by 8:30PM Central timer. We apologize for the inconvenience.


FastTrack March 29, 2016 8:00PM

We did overhauled our funds database, and reworked our families extensively. Perfection? Not quite. Your will find that if your do an FTComm Integrity Check that you will have a lot of left over, renamed families with older dates and members that need refreshing.

Here is how to solve the problem. Delete the folder


Then do an FTComm Integrity Check. FTComm will recreate the folder and fill with fresh families. Your Personal Families in C:\FT\USERDEF will be UNAFFECTED.

How to delete a folder? Open "My PC", "Computer", or "My Computer". Yes the same function was renamed in different Windows versions. Open your C:\ drive. Open the FT folder. Right-click the FTDEF folder and select "Delete". If you put your FT folder on a different drive, then you are on your own.

FastTrack March 15, 2016 8:00PM

The evening update failed. We are investigating. More shortly.

8:23PM We restarted the final processing step of the evening process. Data came up at about 8:22PM. Testing shows normal updates. There is no reason to suspect a data quality problem.

10:30AM March 16th: We discovered that some users were unable to get a Stocks Database 2 update last night. This problem has been fixed. Normal FTComm updates should suffice. The Integrity check would be a good idea. We did our monthly total update of the Stocks1 and Stocks2 database contents. Generally, this means that we moved 10-20 stocks between the two stocks databases consistent with their market capitalization, and added 10-20 new issues to the Stocks2 database replacing issues that have been merged/liquidated/renamed/moved.

FastTrack March 3, 2016

We have been dealing with thinly traded ETNs for some time now. This chart shows the history of EEH which is an ETN whose objective is to follow large cap stocks, like SPY. The lower relative strength chart shows mostly a straight line indicating some success following SPY.

However, during the 7/2013-1/2015 period, the ETN was HIGHLY illiquid. The spikes in this period show calculations performed by our source, Interactive Data, which tried to derive a closing price on days with little or no volume. This volatility is bogus since for long periods no trades were made. Other sources such as Morningstar just carried forward the prior day's price which is also bogus, but what else can you do? There is a split which was part of an effort by the sponsor to reorganize.

This week, we have revised our postings to carry forward prior day's pricing when volume reported is less than 100 shares. However, There is only on correct answer. DON'T buy stuff that looks like this. This type of problem affects a few ETFs on a few days. Mostly, it is the ETN's that are a problem.

We make no apologies for out data not agreeing with Yahoo and Morningstar . . . they don't agree with each other either. Do not be fooled into thinking there is money to be made in these issues. We carry them ONLY because they have been requested by FastTrackers. Hopefully, you will only invest in ETNs with great caution.

Click here if you got a new computer for help installing FastTrack.

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