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FastTrack September 28, 2018 12:55 AM Central

This morning we put out a bad database online for 5 minutes. It causes an failure and error message when running FTComm that cannot be fixed by FTComm. Solution: deleted the C:\FT\FT*.DAT files (the FastTrack data files, then Connect with FTComm. The databases will be totally reload without the error. We estimate that this problem affected  less than 10 users.

FastTrack September 28, 2018 9:34 AM Central

We have upgraded our in house software. We can now detect, correct, and cause data problems much more easily. We removed the $INDU version of the Dow Jones Index (DJ-30). The two indexes had been identical and totally correct for more than 15-years. However, many have used the $INDU ticker. Please switch to DJ-30.

FastTrack September 26, 2018 12:34 PM Central

We put bad data bases out at about 11:00AM Central today. It took us about 90 minutes to fix the problem. Do an FTComm update and all will be well. The problem caused an "Invalid Timestamp" error to be displayed to users.

This mistake happened as we ran a new upgraded in-house data builder program, and the error only occurred only on FastTrack users who did NOT have stock databases . . . well . . . all our test machine have all the databases. We regret the inconvenience.

FastTrack September 17, 2018 8:30AM Central

Fidelity 9/14/18 dividends are in. We're processing and should be available in the FastTrack database around noon central time.

FastTrack September 15, 2018 8:30AM Central

We're missing about 100 9/14/18 Fidelity fund dividends. These usually come in from our data source the following market day. We'll be watching for them Monday and will begin fixing by hand if they dont arrive in the morning.

FastTrack September 12, 2018 7:30AM Central

Whoa! Many funds were missing prices last night and it is our fault for speeding up our computer processing. Programs ran faster than ever before. We attempted to gather data from our primary source 2 minutes too early. We have collected the missing information this morning. We apologize for the oversight and the manual checking that was not done last night. Updates will be available about 7:50AM Central this morning.

We are adding a timer, a count checker, and a retry to the code

FastTrack September 4, 2018 3:00PM AM Central

NASDAQ has responded to our queries and has provided about 1800 of the missing prices. There are still 186 missing which we will be working this week with the fund companies to hand enter. No reason, or excuse has been made by any of our sources. We regret the difficulties.

This evening's updated (Tuesday night) will contain all corrections.

FastTrack September 3, 2018 3:56PM Central

About 2,000 missing fund prices from August 31, 2018 are still not yet available from our sources. NASDAQ, the distributor of open end fund prices, does not have these prices. There are quotes on the web for some of the missing funds, but no where near all. There are no notices from our providers and they have not responded to our queries over the weekend.

FastTrack September 1st, 2018

No new open end fund prices were available. NASDAQ.com also did not have new prices. Morningstar did have several Rydex prices, but was missing many more. Google daily quote did not have the 31st data.

With the Labor Day holiday, there is little hope of the prices coming in until we run the morning update again. We will run it Monday morning just in case. Usually missing prices before a holiday are available the next market day. Markets were, generally, flat. Likely your fund changed very little. We regret the inconvenience.

FastTrack August 31, 2018 7:24PM Central

A large number of open-end funds missed the deadline to turn prices into NASDAQ. We will retry at 7:35PM Eastern and post whatever we get. We will run the morning process on Saturday in an effort to pick up additional data. More later . .

7:50PM Multiple reloads gathered a few more open-end funds. Good News!  ETFs, Stocks, and indexes are properly updated. We will rerun Saturday (tomorrow)  and post revised results for the open-end funds no later than 10:00AM. The markets were near flat and many funds show up with no change in addition to those which did not post a price.

FastTrack August 17, 2018 8:00PM Central

We posted a partial update. Many mutual fund prices have not been fed to us through NASDAQ. Stocks and ETFs look fine. Tonight's problems were not in any way rebated to historial dividend problems we have solved at our end.

8:17PM - The delayed NASDAQ feed has begun. We are collecting open end funds again.
9:00 PM UPDATE IS COMPLETE- FTComm will refresh your data.
FastTrack August 14, 2018 9:50pM Central

We are up with all databases. Dividends for all issues look good.  Do another update if you see data it appears to be incorrect.

FastTrack August 14, 2018 7:40pM Central

The ETF data is giving us trouble again. The other databases look good. We are leaving the servers up. We will post here when it is all up.

FastTrack August 14, 2018 5:30pM Central

We replaced the Funds1 database again with additional dividends. We appreciate the feedback we are getting from FastTrackers.

FastTrack August 14, 2018 1:45pM Central

Our morning process only picked up the last three years of dividends. I did that by copying the wrong file. Please accept my apology. Took 2 hours to fix from discovery. All databases have all divs and splits. -Paul

FastTrack August 14, 2018 11:45AM Central

Our morning process only picked up the last three years of dividends. I did that by copying the wrong file. Please accept my apology. Should be fixed in an hour. -Paul

FastTrack August 13, 2018 8:00PM Central

There have been a number issues with the update in the past 5 days. While we may seem only  be introducing a new FTComm, there were a number of behind the scenes revisions.  These were aimed at having the update available 30 minutes earlier. We chose to do the upgrades before our database deadline of August 31st. This gave us some padding in case we had to revert back to the old operation in house.

FastTrackers have been most patient. Thank you.

FastTrack August 13, 2018 8:00PM Central

The update went up in pieces. First funds, then ETFs and then Stocks . . . An unintended consequence of "speeding it up for the users". We ran the whole process again and had it all up at once at 7:45PM Central. It did speed up, but required early birds to do multiple updates.

FastTrack August 13, 2018 3:00PM (posted 6:00PM Central)

All dividends have been brought up to date. Fidelity splits are properly handled. An update with FTComm will correct all data.

FastTrack August 13, 2018 8:13AM

Dividends are not yet in perfect condition. We worked hard over the weekend, and continue to expect to have the data corrected today . . . not predicting the time. We will revise this posting. This affects, primarily, less than 20 Fidelity funds for which Friday dividends are missing. Stocks are in good shape.

FastTrack August 11, 2018 8:13PM

A simple  explanation: Fidelity has had a problem posting splits for most of this year. We revised our software to relieve the problem. They did it again 8/6/2018, but our software fixes didn't help. FT Chart's incorrectly showed a 10 x gain on 8/6/18. We manually removed the splits. Then Fidelity put the splits back in correctly on 8/10/18. Our software missed it. FT Charts incorrectly showed a 90% drop.

We have now repaired the 13 Fidelity funds affected by the split problems. However, we did that at the expense of not posting new distributions on 8/10/18 for other funds. This is a problem we will be dealing with tomorrow, Sunday. An update Monday morning should have all corrections in place. Do another FTComm update Monday morning.

We appreciate your patience. We are committed to having the best data around, and your help in spotting problems is very valuable.

FastTrack August 7, 2018 19:13AM

Roy Ashworth has posted a revised version of FastRube. Ken and Nelson Huck have posed a revised FastBreak. See our  3rd Party Product Page.

We will provide basic support for these products, that is, the installation and  normal operation. We cannot provide much help on how to use them. They all have manuals for you to read. We do refer certain difficult problems to the program creators and they usually will respond directly to you.

FastTrack August 2nd 2018 10:48AM

We have revised the Standard Deviation Function in FTShell3.dll. You will get the revised copy in your new FTComm data update. 

  • Trade 4.03 has a 30-character INI file name length limitation.


FastTrack August 1st 2018 1:48PM

I'm going to tempt the devil . . . I know of only 1 FastTracker who does not have FT4Web, FTCloud, Trade, FastBreak, and/or Cycle Signals working. The sole problem is a subscriber  is running Windows 2003 that will not support Trade, FT4Web works fine.

FastRube is an unknown? I have not heard of any problems. Call 866-295-0166 x 2 if you are having problems.

FastTrack July 31th, 2018 1:48PM

Trade version 4.03 is fixed and available immediately. Ed Gilbert is wonderful.   Click here to download. We have not had a chance to test it in house. The contents needs to be unzipped into your existing Trade folder (wherever currently installed). It does support the Portfolio feature.

Yesterday's Trade 4.02 did not work for Portfolios.


FastTrack July 29th 2018 up at9:00 PM Central

Third time is the charm. FTShell, FTShell2, and FTShell3 have all being revised to adapt to a change in the new FTComm which had unintended consequences. This affected users of some 3rd party products whose products did not automatically check/rebuild the index of FT database symbols when starting. As a true confession, it also affected our own in house collection of Index data. A program we wrote using FTShell2 ignored the error and failed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Indexes were collected and sent out the following mornings.

We also modified the Yield1Y for FTShell3 to agree with FT4Web. The differences were minor in most cases.

We are working with Ed Gilbert, the creator of Trade. At the moment, there is no committed time for a repair. The size of the task and commitment to fix is still under discussion. We are working together to come up with more info for Trade Users. Ed has asked that we not give out his contact info. We will be supporting Trade through FastTrack Tech Support. Check this blog. We will post daily updates.

FastTrack July 27th 2018 up at 5:45PM Central (delayed in posting until 5:31PM)

A problem in FTShell2 which shows up with certain custom software reading FT data has been resolved. Update this evening after 8:PM Central.

FastTrack July 27th 2018 up at 9:19AM Central (delayed in posting until 5:31PM)

We are running our morning process. We noted that about half of our funds and about a quarter of our indexes did not download last night. If you Update again about about 10:30AM Central. You will receive the prices. We are uncertain of the exact cause, but believe it is likely due to revisions we made to "Speed up" in our collection process. No good deed goes unpunished. Thanks for your patience. We may delay the download tonight to ensure good downloads over the weekend. The problem is time sensitive happening only in the evenings.

FastTrack July 26th 2018 up at 7:50PM Central

Whew! Changes mean busy days. We discovered that our FTShell2 and FTShell3 had database size dependencies. We revised and sent these to you tonight. They were causing Trade 3.05 failures, and affecting some other 3rd party software. The revised FTShell programs are fully compatible with their original specifications. Your FTShell dependent programs will work without revision.

We also discovered why some our market Indices are not being collected at night. The fix made during the day failed. Do another update around 10:30AM tomorrow to  get this missing data for about 20 Indexes.

We are in contact with Trade creator, Ed Gilbert. We are working on a way to solve the problems, but it will be a week or more before any fix. Ed asks that you do not contact him personally. All information will be posted here. If you are having 3.05 problems. Call us at 866-295-0166 x 2. Trade 4.0 is under discussion.

FastTrack July 23rd 2018

We came up at 9:00P Central. There were problems retrieving indexes and Closed End funds tonight. Our primary source, Interactive Data Corp had serious problems during the day today losing most of it's Friday closing prices for Open end funds. They are still in the process of recovery. Why  that affected us tonight, Monday, is unknown. Tonight market indexes were also posted very late We retrieve those from two sources and both had problems.

We reran about 8PM and briefly had an update posted, but the data was corrupted. If you got that update, run an Online Integrity Check. FTComm 5 users just do another update.

We will review logs tomorrow. Despite the data source problems, our  data collection programs should have given us better notice of the problems.

FastTrack June 30th 2018

We have a new FTComm. It has been running fine for more than a month for many users who reinstalled FT for whatever reason. We will begin selectively prompting users to upgrade FTComm with a yellow warning over the next month, but you may upgrade when ever you wish.

  • FTComm 5 does a combination Integrity Check and Update every day.
  • The backup and restore functions are much more fully featured and are now FREE.
  • Install FTComm 5 today from our web page or FTComm Version 5.

  • Older FTComm versions will stop working in midAugust.
  • FT4Web is unchanged and will operate as before.
  • FTCloud and FTLightning are totally unaffected.
    This will take about 100MB of additional  disk space ,which on the scale of disk drives over the last 10-years, is very little.
  • Users of fasttrack.dll and FTShell.dll will encounter no changes. The database files on disk  will get bigger.
  • The batch console downloader will continue to functions without upgrade.
FastTrack June 27th  2018 8:00 AM Central

We did have an export problem in mid June which I blamed on Microsoft. Actually, it was caused by a server problem at FastTrack. The problem was resolved within a day and only affected as 2-3 users.

FastTrack June 11th  2018 1045 AM Central

Fidelity pre-announced split several funds last week. However, they have not yet performed the splits. We removed the splits from the FT Databases in the morning process which became available about 10:00AM. Please do an Integrity Check to fix your database. 

We believe Fidelity still intends to perform the splits, but we do not know when. We will likely have another downside discontinuity when they do the split. We do not know why Fidelity has developed this reporting problem (see our May 14th comment below), but we are working with them.

FastTrack June 7,  2018 1045 AM Central

We want to thank Kathy of Jim Stack's organization for reporting missing stock dividends yesterday. In midMay, programming had upgraded our server, and while no errors were reported, things weren't right. The production side of our house was not told about the change and subsequently did no checking. Tech support took Kathy's call and reported the problem to both sides. Last night we posted the missing stock dividends.

We have tried hard through the years to listen to what our customers report. FastTrack  is the product of thousands of smart investors and sharp eyed proof readers. We appreciate your help.

Paul Charbonnet, Founding Partner

FastTrack May 14th  2018 1045 AM Central

Fidelity split several funds over the weekend. They have yet to privately or publicly post the splits creating disastrous paper losses in Fidelity's own accounts and huge losses in FastTrack fund data. We have not yet posted estimated corrections as Fidelity has been pretty good in the past and we do not want to ourselves with doubled  dividends this evening.

FastTrack April 30, 2018 8:45 PM Central

This evening about 1,000 open end mutual funds missed their NASDAQ deadline for price submission. About 7:30 PM Central, we noted the high missing counts, but sent out the suspect results after a recollection failed to obtain the data. We retried the collection several times and finally got many of the missing prices about 8:30 PM Central time. We suspect that problems in Canadian markets Friday caused problems today as well, but none have been reported through regular channels.

If you updated FastTrack earlier this evening, an FTComm Integrity Check will fix the missing prices. 

We regret the problems and will seek an answer tomorrow from NASDAQ.

FastTrack April 27, 2018 8:05 PM Central

For the past week the US Treasury rates reported in FT have been flat. The Treasury changed the format of their data feed, but we missed their posted notices of the change. Today, we hand entered the week's missing information for


However, tonight is flat (too late to hand enter). We will continue posting a day late until we can revise our collection program, hopefully within the week. We appreciate your patience.

On the positive side. Intercontinental Exchange's IDC division has completed the update of their server facilities taking 20-30 minutes off of our evening collection time.  We hope to be able to come up as early as 7:30PM Central, and no later than 7:45 PM. In fact the new speed has caused some minor synchronization problems at our end since some data collections are completing before the expected time.

FastTrack April 9, 2018 8:42PM Central

We made a lot of changes to Stock1 and Stocks2. Use FTComm to do an Integrity Check if your prices look funny or are missing.

FastTrack April 6, 2018 8:30PM Central

The exchange downloads are are stunningly slow tonight. We are at the office monitoring progress. We will not be up by 8PM.

8:15 We are up. We appreciate your patience.

FastTrack  March  22, 2018 8:15PM Central

We left a program running on the server which slowed the evening update. This was our mistake. Please accept our apology for this evening's delay.

FastTrack  February  26, 2018 8:00PM Central

We are experiencing a problem completing the update. . . .more later . . . cause unknown at this time.

8:26PM We are up. The problem was a hand disk cleanup of our server that deleted a vestigial folder . . . a folder that formerly had a use, but the evening data collection process had evolved to no longer need the folder . . . nonetheless a late step in the evening process was still expecting the folder to exist even though the content was unneeded. We will revise the program.

FastTrack  January  30, 2018 8:00PM

We are experiencing problems with the extreme changes in the DJ-30. The evening update can make max change from the prior day of $327.67. Today DJ-30 changed by more than $1,000. This is a bug. We will review.

An Integrity Check corrects the problem immediately. Tomorrow's morning update and any future update corrects the problem automatically. We are reviewing the evening update code. Doing an Integrity Check instead of an update will take  longer to complete, but the data is updated correctly for all issues.

FastTrack  January  30, 2018 8:00PM

At the office tonight monitoring. There were a few more than normal missing prices, no where near as bad as last night. Our NASDAQ open-end fund prices took about 15 minutes longer than normal. We should be up about 8:05PM instead of the normal 7:50PM.

FastTrack  January  30, 2018 5:00PM

Last night BlackRock, Manning, Napier, PNC, and Gabelli funds failed to report prices. We have worked them by hand today, but did not get done. Additional corrections to 1/29/2018 prices will be posted tomorrow.

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