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Updated September 11, 2019

This communication package connects with FastTrack's servers to do all communication functions.


Install, backup, settings


Download Data:
What Do You Want to Do

Choose What you want to do, then click the Connect.button.

  • Data Update AND Integrity Check
    During each market day we revise and add to the FastTrack databases. After market close you get a long download with new prices and changes. Corrections are made for missing and erroneous information by 10AM the next market day. A morning update will get these changes.
  • FTComm checks your programs, families, and data to ensure that everything is right.
  • Upgrade FTComm
    Since FTComm plays a key role in installing, updating, and keeping your FastTrack system working right, it has it's own upgrade. You will be prompted when a new Upgrade is available.

Progress/Applying Subtabs

Status information about the downloading scrolls in this area. If you are having communication difficulties, the information in this area will help you and FT Tech Support diagnose the problem.

Elapsed Bar (Not shown: It will be visible when downloads are occurring)

The bar measures the progress of each file transferred. It will flicker on short files and show progress of the longer files.   

Connect Button

Push this after all other options have been selected. FTComm will attempt to connect to one or both of our independent servers (one in house and one at a server farm in Arizona). FTComm will automatically retry a bad connection ping/ponging between servers if necessary.


It will interrupt a download in progress, but may seem to hang at that point. Wait at least a minute before taking more drastic measures like rebooting.

Data Status Blog

This blog (a regularly updated web page) has information of general interest. It is updated in real-time when we notice data delays or other situations which will affect FastTrack subscribers or the quality of our services. If we have missed something, please send an email to data@fasttrack.net. We will acknowledge receipt, research the problem, and send the correction out the same day. Cut off time is 11:00AM. later messages will be worked the following day.

To close down FTComm

Click the X button in the upper right corner of the window.

User Settings Tab- Install, Backup, Settings

Account and Password

These are unique to yourself. Do not share them with others.  

Call 866-295-0166 during business hours (8:00AM-5:00PM Central market days) x 1 if you have lost this your account or password. The text file C:\ft\status.dat contains your account and password.

FastTrack Live Online Support Services

Click to connect to your desktop and see our support screen. We can help you and train you live online. Call 866-295-0166 x 2 first, then we tell you to click FLOSS if  needed.

Advanced Option: Run Program After Updating

  • FT4Web is the FastTrack Charting Ranking Program.

  • The Run Other will allow you to choose any program or batch file to run.

Advanced Option: Install Path:

If you are installing on a new machine. then most users install in C:\FT.

  • Do not install in the Windows "Program Files" path.  Your security programs may protect this folder and  not permit modifying the programs and data after initial installation.

  If you just want to move your FT to a different place then,

  1. Manually copy your old folder to the new location.

  2. Uninstall FTComm. Delete any old FTComm and  Charting Ranking Icons.

  3. Rename the old FT folder to a scratch name like FT.SAV

  4. Reinstall FTComm downloaded from http://wsftserver.fasttrack.net/upgrade/FTComm40.application Change the Install location.

  5. Do an FTComm update and check the charts to be sure that all is well. Delete the old, renamed folder after a week or two just to be double-sure that all is really working.

Simple renaming, cutting, pasting, etc. the install folder, or
just changing the Install Path field, without following the steps above will cause problems,

Note: None of the above will allow multiple computers to run a single copy of FastTrack from a server.
Each machine must do its own Data Update.

Backing up

The Backup copies the contents of the C:\FT\  (or wherever you installed FastTrack) to our servers. It ONLY copies the contents of the USERDEF folders within C:\FT file tree. This includes user defined families, spreadsheets, charts, signals, parameters. Also backed up are FNU files and the FT4Win.INI files. Data is encrypted using your account and password.

Be sure the Backup User data box is checked.

If you place your files and folders elsewhere (not in USERDEF folders), FT WILL NOT back them up.

Reverting to Backup

  • If you are trying to recover lost files, Select Merge Missing from an older backup that might contain the missing file. Existing files will NOT be overwritten.

  • If you are trying to get everything back some days ago before you had problems, Select Full Restore and pick a date to restore. This will overwrite existing files and add missing files.

  • If you are trying to get new stuff back since  some days ago, select Merge Newer and pick a date to restore. This will overwrite existing files if they are older than the backup.

Restoring to create a New Computer

These are the steps to move everything from and old machine to a new machine. If you have reinstalled Windows on your old machine, then it may appear to be a new machine (new Microsoft Windows registration number). You still have to pay the$10 fee.

  1. If your old machine is working, be sure it has FTComm 5.... installed. The version number is at the very bottom of the Download Tab.

  2. Ensure that the old machine's Backup Up Option is checkmarked on the User Settings Tab.

  3. Copy your account and password to a piece of paper.

  4. New Machine. Install from FTComm  http://wsftserver.fasttrack.net/upgrade/FTComm40.application.

  5. Put your account/password into FTComm.

  6. Pay the new machine fee of $10 when prompted.

  7. Complete the FTComm installation by returning to the Download Tab.

  8. On the new machine User Settings Tab, revert to Backup using the Merge New option. Pick a backup date on which the old machine was working properly and contained your USERDEF families. charts, parameters, spread sheets, signals. arting program.

  9. Your new machine's FT4Web will come up looking just like the your old machine and containing the USERDEF items from the old machine.

Click to refresh Subscription Information

Clicking the big blue line provides information about the data on your machine and your subscription for FastTrack data services. Additional  info is also listed

Current Data
The last date of data within the database on your machine

This is the last day for on which you can update data until midnight US Central Time.

Click to Add/Update Subscriptions

Clicking this line will open a browser that will allow you to review or renew your subscription, or to add additional FastTrack Services/Databases to your subscription.

Updating Automatically using the Windows Task Scheduler

This is not a complicated process. and well documented by Microsoft. We will help you if needed. FastTrack can run unattended on your own schedule.

Run Program after Updating
Select any program to open automatically after FTComm has finished updating the closing prices.


There are  host of nonFastTrack programs that are supposed to protect your computer. Please be careful about responding to security questions about FTComm. Always read carefully. Click the more info . . . button if available. Do not FIX or BLOCK FTComm or you will be unable to update your data.

To test to see if your computer is blocking FTComm

  • Turn off your firewall temporarily. (Most users do not know how to do this.) If FTComm works with the firewall off, then you know the problem. Call your computer technician and ask him how to use your firewall properly.
  • Reboot in safe mode, then run FTComm. "Safe mode with networking". This usually restarts the computer without starting security software. If FTComm works in safe mode, then call your computer technician and ask him how to use your firewall properly.